Your prospects for a successful future

We make personnel restructuring easier through personalised consulting, special legal knowledge and tailored tools.


Personnel restructuring exactly how you need it

Cetonis paves your way to a successful future. We create simple personnel restructuring solutions for you. Our unique service combines tailor-made consulting with legal expertise and our innovative software tools. The fair and transparent personnel restructuring solutions offered by Cetonis put companies in prime position and give them full control over costs.

Our highly specialised team has already successfully completed work on more than 80 projects. Careful planning and implementation help us ensure a process that’s financially reliable and on schedule. We view challenges from different perspectives, come up with alternatives and care for flexible, seamless implementation with our specialist IT solutions – on time and on budget.


The ideal workforce

Our aim is to make your company’s workforce fit to face new challenges. We benefit from our experience and multidisciplinary specialist knowledge in this process – but that’s not all: our software tools can paint a precise picture of your situation. We use this to create scenarios and come up with options which protect your top performers.


A fair solution

We combine legal and business expertise, consultancy skills and special software solutions to find a fair and legally compliant solution for you. This creates an impartial, transparent and socially responsible redundancy programme and social criteria.


Full control over costs

We assess various scenarios using tools such as automated cost simulation to provide you with the ideal basis for decision-making.
Once you have chosen a scenario, we minimise the costs by comparing various options. We take due care even under time pressure and provide all our services with pinpoint accuracy.


You take the first step - we do the rest.