Putting an end to separation anxiety – the ‘Trennungsmanager’ separation manager app

Putting an end to separation anxiety – the ‘Trennungsmanager’ separation manager app

The parting of ways between an employer and employee is always a difficult and often an anxiety-inducing issue. The reasons are emotional, financial, and legal, too. The separation manager app is the perfect tool to help handle this challenge carefully with a solution-focused approach.

According to a Kienbaum study, only 21 per cent of businesses surveyed have a clearly defined separation strategy. However, at the same time, 81 per cent of these businesses are convinced that professional separation management has a positive impact on the remaining employees’ commitment and confidence in the company. To close this gap between reality and demand, Kienbaum, Flick Gocke Schaumburg and Cetonis worked together to develop the separation manager app. With this simple and easy-to-use app, HR managers can optimally prepare for all relevant processes and conduct professional separation management.

When a company parts ways with an employee, the main aim should always be a transparent and amicable separation process. The app offers information on separation strategies and processes to help achieve this goal. Financial matters, tax-related issues and legal queries surrounding social security are covered in clear checklists. The app also offers an opportunity calculator which simulates various scenarios based on just a few details, helping ensure a better assessment of the risks and opportunities of an amicable separation. To ensure that a transparent separation process can take place, checklists outline the key points for proper communication between the parties parting ways. For instance, the letter of termination should not be the first time the employee learns of the separation. Discussions must be held in advance to deal with all the employees’ questions and show them options and possibilities based on their financial situation. Only with the resulting transparency will they be able to accept the separation.

The separation manager app is available to download from the Apple Store and Google Play Store. All further information can be found on the website at

In addition to the app, its three creators also offer a holistic consulting option. This allows a quick and fair agreement to be reached, for instance, through career counselling, by informing the affected employees of the financial consequences, available services, future insurance and potential for optimising the settlement package.

Cetonis also offers support handling and managing personnel restructuring processes. Their comprehensive approach to consultancy covers all kinds of aspects: budget planning and control, drawing up a plan of measures, budget-focused handling of redundancy programme negotiations, automated creation of differentiated social criteria for redundancy and documents such as notices of mass dismissals, works council hearings and terminations. Finding fair and efficient solutions for employers and employees alike is their constant aim. Cetonis has gained the experience of working on over 80 projects and collaborates with renowned law firms and corporate consulting firms. A hallmark of this collaboration is the bringing together of expertise in corporate consulting with special legal knowledge and unique, customisable software solutions.


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